Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Truth At Last

Dear Journal~

I can't believe what happened last night, I kept thinking I would wake up and it would all turn out to be something I'd dreamed up.....It wasn't! That wretched boy next door is behind the ruining of my room, I'm positive of it. When I get my hands on him.......

What was Rhys doing outside at that time of night anyway? Why did it take my parents so long to get up to my room? And why were Rhys's fingers glowing? I intend to find out today. 


I sat at my computer desk in my now disheveled room and brooded over the events of the previous evening. I scooted my chair over toward the window just in time to see Rhys run and disappear behind the large Ash tree in his backyard. I darted out of my room, nearly knocking my mom over in the process. 

"Allie!" she exclaimed "where are you going in such a hurry?"

"I'll tell you later" I said as I rushed out the door, I paused a moment on my front steps to consider what I should do. If Rhys was as dangerous as I thought he was it probably wouldn't be in my best interest to go running after him alone. But who did I have to go with me? My curiosity was piqued and I rushed ahead anyway. I vaulted over our adjoining fences and landed lightly on my feet. I looked carefully around and seeing no one I ran on. As I went past the tree I saw a blur of movement and turned just in time to see a dirty bum lunge at me. I side stepped quickly but his large arms grabbed me and a huge hand clapped over my mouth stifling any cries for help.

"Listen up, don't make a sound and I wont have to hurt you." He said gruffly.
I nodded my head, I had no other choice at the moment.
He smiled evilly "Alright then, where is he?"

I could play dumb and say I didn't know what he was talking about, but I thought that wasn't the healthiest choice considering my predicament and besides why should I protect that little weasel of a kid. But I didn't like this big gorilla who had me in a choke hold either. 

He uncovered my mouth a little so I could answer and that's when I made my decision. Quick as a flash I bit his hand hard and screamed "HELP!" , then proceeded to kick, bite and claw at anything I could. It didn't avail much and soon he had me in an even tighter hold. He was about to bash me upside the head when suddenly there was a whistling sound and my attackers eyes glazed over and rolled into his head as he collapsed unconscious.


I slipped from the house silently and unseen, or so I thought. I had been summoned to a meeting and must get there without being seen. I looked quickly before I darted across my yard and around the tree. I quietly lifted the back gate latch and slipped through, looking both ways as I ran around toward the sidewalk on my way to the tunnel where I had previously followed Allie.

I was walking quietly and swiftly when I heard it; a stifled yelp. I stopped and listened and was about to continue on my way when I thought I heard a man talking. It sounded like it was coming from my backyard! I quickly dismissed the thought and got no more than a few steps away when I heard a girl scream "HELP". I don't know how but I knew that it was Allie and I knew I had to help her. 

I turned and ran like the wind toward the sound. As I rounded the side toward the yard I tripped and fell. Jumping to my feet I noticed I had tripped over a rock, grabbing it I ran on. I was at the gate when I saw Allie and the man. He was about to hit her when instinctively I drew back and hurled the rock at him. Bull's eye! Even from the distance I could see I had hit him right along side the head and he seemed to go cross eyed as he crumpled to the ground.

Looking, I could see Allie was shaken but seemed alright.
I thought of leaving before Allie saw me, but it was too late and she was running toward me.


My attacker was laying on the ground at my feet. What had happened I didn't know.
I turned to see where whatever had hit him had come from and was surprised to see Rhys standing by the back gate. I knew that if I didn't talk to him now and get my answers that I never would. So I ran toward him.

"Rhys, I want answers and I want them now!" I shouted while I was still a good 15 feet away.
"I'm glad you're alright. Oh and please don't thank me for saving you" he said sarcastically and flashed that annoying smile.
"Answer my questions, and don't stall" I fumed.
"What are you talking about?" he asked, putting on an air of innocence.
"How about we start with who that ugly gorilla is?"
"How should I know" he asked with that same frustrating air of innocence.
"Oh will you quit it with that phony innocence act. That gorilla back there was asking me, none too nicely I might add, about you. So answer my questions or I'll.....I'll.......I'll call the police and tell them that you and he" I said motioning toward the unconscious man "tried to kidnap me"
Rhys exhaled deeply "I can't tell you anything." He thought a second and then added "I have to go do something, but I promise I'll tell you as soon as I can." There was sincerity in his eyes I'd never thought possible, but I wasn't convinced yet.
"Why should I believe you?"
"I can't think of any reason why you should. But I'm asking you to give me an hour. That's all I need, PLEASE."
I'll never know why, maybe it was the fact that he had helped save me from being harmed or that if I didn't I'd never know the truth, but i agreed.
"Fine, one hour then I'm calling the police." Turning I saw my adversary was still on the ground "What should I do with him?" I asked motioning toward him.
"Tie him up with some rope. There's some in the garage. Tell my mom what happened and have her help you. I have to go, I'll be back in an hour." That was all he said as he turned and walked quickly away.
Inside I was boiling mad that I had let him leave without giving me an explanation, but I did as he said.
Bolting across the yard to the back door, I pounded on it with all my might. After what seemed forever Mrs. Roscoe came to the door, "Allie, whatever is the matter?"
"I need your help, Rhys told me to get you and have you help me."
I was surprised to find that Mrs. Roscoe was not at all shocked at my story, she helped me drag the big lug into the living room. We then proceeded to securely tie him to a chair.
"Did Rhys say where he was going Allie?" Asked Mrs. Roscoe, the concern in her voice was obvious
"He just said he'd be back within the hour." I paused and then asked "Mrs. Roscoe, what is going on?"
"I'm afraid I can't tell you. When Rhys comes back he'll explain everything. And you might want to have your parents here also. I'm sure they would like some explanations too."
So we waited. All the while my mind was racing with questions; Who was Rhys Roscoe? What turned my room into a hazard zone? And who is the lug who attacked me?


I quickly walked away from Allie and headed once again toward the street. After 10 minutes of walking I arrived at the back of a deserted building on the south side of town. Cautiously opening the door, I looked in. I thought what a terrible place to hold a meeting. Softly I walked in, and looked around.
"Ah, Rhys you have arrived at last." The mans voice came from before me "We were about to start a search."
"Major Harrison, I'm glad to find you here." I explained quickly about the man and gave him a description.
"From the description that sounds like Charles "the smasher" Gordon. He's their number one retrieval specialist, and general thug." Major Harrison answered.
"He's tied up at my house, so if you'd care to come and retrieve him, I'd appreciate it. I finished the formula last night, so you can get it when we go home" I offered.
"Excellent, I have fifteen men outside in cars we'll drive over there right now."
"Oh and Major, since this is about over, there are some people I need to explain things to. Could you stay long enough to help clear up some of their questions?"
"Certainly Rhys" he smiled "It's the least I can do for America's next great scientist."

We arrived home just under the hour marker I'd given Allie. I rushed up to the house and the door opened right as I reached the front step. I jumped back expecting the smasher to come after me, but it was just Allie.
"It's about time you showed up, your hour was almost over." Her face was straight but her eyes held a glint of humor in them, and maybe a little relief?
"Well I'm here now, and you'll have your explanation in about five minutes. Where is the gorilla?"
"He's right in here, tied to a chair in the living room." As she stepped aside, the Major and half of his men came in and took the smasher out in handcuffs.
"Allie, please sit down, moms gone to get your parents" I said.
She sat down, and instantly began drumming her fingers on the arm of the sofa. I couldn't help grinning at her obvious impatience.
Mom returned with her parents. Once everyone was seated and Major Harrison had sent his men outside and on their way with the prisoner, we began.
"I feel I owe you an explanation for the goings on around here" I began. "In order for you to completely understand the situation we need to go back about a year. It all began when I was experimenting with some chemicals in our garage, and I stumbled onto a formula that would create an indestructible metal."
Major Harrison added "When he contacted the government with his idea, it seemed impossible, especially from someone so young. But he was right, it worked."
"Thank you Major. About a month ago I was working on getting the formula perfected, when I was kidnapped by a foreign aircraft manufacturing company who wanted me to give them the formula. It took the government a week to find and rescue me. They captured most of the people involved in the kidnapping, but two got away, the smasher and his employer, Karl. The Major decided it was too risky to stay where I was so we were given alias' and moved here." I paused to catch my breath, then continued. "Last night I was working with an ingredient I invented, raw blue phosphorous, when the loud bang happened because it was over exposed to oxygen."
"So that thunder and demolition of my room was due to blue phosphorous?" Allie asked
"Why did it take fifteen minutes for my parents to get up to my room?"
"They were probably exposed to a slight smell of phosphorous, which can knock someone out without them even realizing it. It happened to me. I passed out and when I woke up my fingers were glowing blue from holding the phosphorous." I paused and then asked "Any more questions?" There was a unanimous "no".


After Major Harrison left I walked over to where Rhys was sitting. "I'm sorry I was so rude to you when you first arrived, and I apologize." To my surprise the words didn't choke me like I thought they would.
"Thanks. Let's drop the whole thing." He motioned for me to follow him to their coffee table, where a game of chess was set up. "I saw you had a chess set at your house. Do you play?"
"Of course."
"How about best two out of three, loser buys ice cream at Timmy's parlor?"
"You are so on." I saw him smile and couldn't help smiling myself. He wasn't as bad as I thought he was, we might even become friends. My summer may not be so lame after all!


  1. Liddie!! This is *BRILLIANT*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!! SO incredibly impressed!! XD I never would have thought of taking it that direction!

  2. Hi Em!
    Thank you! I was so nervous writing it. I'm glad you like it! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!=D

  3. That was genius! You solved a lot of questions in a very unique way! I didn't even know how I might answer them! I love it! =D

  4. Thank you! It's been so much fun doing the story! It would be a lot of fun to do another one sometime!:-)

    1. Yeah, it definitely has! =) Oh, don't worry, we'll probably do some more after this one is finally done! XD

    2. Wait....we aren't done with this yet....right? Cuz I had an idea for the next chappie...

    3. No, not yet. I think we'll go on until everyone has had *at least* three turns at writing for this story.

    4. Ok! Awesome! I thought we were only doing it once each. Sorry:(

  5. Ummm....all I gotta say is WOW! I don't know how in the world you came up with that but this is awesome! great job! :)

  6. Awesome!!! I am soooo stoked to keep reading! =D
    Make sure you guys write a bunch for me to read when I get home from camp next Saturday!! =)

    1. If there's anything new, I'll send it to you when I send you my letter. ;)

  7. that was great Liddie(: Keep it up guys!!