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Chapter 8: True Colors

Water splashed upon my face as I surged through the lake. A blood curling scream split the air! I turned to see Allie struggling for air as something began to drag her underwater. Mac wasn't far behind her. My eyes widened in horror.

"RHYS!" Allie cried.

"ALLIE!" I screamed as I watched her head sink down into the murky water. Suddenly, Mac stopped swimming, his eyes bore a wild look as he raised a knife into the air. And then, everything happened in slow motion. My body completely froze. I saw him dive into the water with his knife. He seemed to be struggling against something. Allie? And then I saw it. Blood. Thick, dark blood soon began to spread in the water towards me. I still couldn't move. My body was filled with rage and disbelief.

"ALLIE!" I tried to speak, but the words couldn't come out of my mouth.

Bubbles began to form as Mac reached the surface. As he coughed out water, he looked me straight in the eye with a menacing glare.

"You're next, kid," he nearly growled.

My heart stopped beating. Complete silence filled my ears. Even the lake seemed to become still as he uttered these words. I couldn't breathe. Allie was gone. Murdered. 

All because of me.....


Karl Myers paced his office angrily. The "Smasher" watched him as he continued to walk back in forth in front of him. In a moment of fury, Karl suddenly knocked the items off of his desk. Documents, pictures, and pencils flew everywhere, and his frappuccino spilled all over.

"This is all your fault, Shane! If it weren't for your clumsiness, we wouldn't be in this stinknin' mess!" he yelled at "The Smasher".

"My fault, huh?! I wasn't the one who let him get away from the Lab in the first place!"He shot back. Karl, not wanting to admit his mistake, went on.

"Well how do you plan to fix this problem then? Huh?! The government isn't the most patient client--"

"You think I don't know that?!" Shane retorted. Then he sighed and said, "Listen, we'll figure this out."

"Yeah?" Karl asked sarcastically, "How?"

"We've still got Dylin," Shane replied cooly. 

"Well let's hope he comes for her," Karl replied with a sigh of frustration. "Oh. What's the word on that other girl?"

"The "Lewis girl"?" Shane asked. "She wont be bothering us anymore."

"Yeah? How's that?" 

"That man at the dock took care of her."

"That man...wait, did you find out who he was?"

"I checked the boat house. Looks like his name is Mac Stevens." Shane replied casually.

Suddenly Karl's face grew red with anger. He lunged at the smasher and grabbed him by the collar.


"No..." He answered timidly.

"RAYMOND PARKER, YOU IDIOT! The government told us that if we took too long they would send in some more 'assistance'!" He roared, throwing Shane across the room. His breath came in furious huffs as he began to pace the room again. Raymond Parker and Karl Myers had been enemies ever since they joined the business of doing the government's dirty work. There was no way Karl would let Raymond get this prize. Not this time. Suddenly, Karl's cell phone began to ring. He picked it up and looked at the number curiously. Putting the phone to his ear he pressed the button to receive the call.

"Hullo, Karl," was the saucy greeting. "How are you, old chap?"

"Well I was fine, till' I answered the phone," Karl replied coldly. Raymond's  laugh echoed loudly through the receiver.

"I'm a bit sorry to hear that, my friend. But just a bit, so don't worry."

"I'm a busy man, Raymond. What do you want?" Asked Karl impatiently.

"Oh yes! You must be very busy right now, trying to find that wonder boy who seems to always slip through your careless fingers. But no need to worry, chap! I'm on duty now so you can just 'sit back and relax' as you Americans, put it." 

"You forget Raymond, that we Americans, don't like to be bossed around by you Brits. So thanks for the offer but I'll have to decline," Karl said, spitting out the words with contempt. Raymond laughed again but this time it was more to cover up that he had been insulted.

"Come now, Karl. There's no need to fuss, so. You've had your turn, so now its my turn." he said, lacing his voice with even more arrogance.

"Well there's just one thing, Parker," Karl said, letting a pause sit in. "I don't play fair." Raymond broke into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. But Karl was not swayed by this. He could hear the uneasiness in Raymond's voice. When Raymond became calm again, he finally spoke.

"Well then, Karl," he said slow and deliberately, "If its a challenge you want, then a challenge you shall get, my boy." There was a beep, as Raymond hung up. Karl smiled. The call had revived him, and he relished the idea of beating Parker. The Smasher walked up to Karl curiously. Karl's smile deepened and he laid a hand on Shane's shoulder.

"Let's get moving, Shane."He ordered. "Looks like things just got a little more interesting....."


Something kept making noise. 


"Go away, Go away...." I groaned.

The noise continued. Slowly, my eyes began to open. Where...was... I? I turned my head and took in my surrounding. Almost everything around me was white or a shiny silver. There was a bright light shining down on my face. My eyes squinted, from its strength. I tried to move my right hand. I was stuck! My legs were bound too. I tried sitting up, but there was some kind of weighted strap on my chest. And for the first time, I began to feel the pain in my right leg. It was an awful, stinging pain, and it grew worse as the seconds ticked by. I felt so light headed. I turned my head slowly and saw where the beeping noise was coming from. To the left of me, there was a monitor that was checking my heart rate. As I looked down at my left arm, I saw there was something injected into my forearm. It was red. I gasped in horror! Connected to the needle there was a container that was half-way filled with bloodWhat was happening to me?! For the first time in a long time, I felt like a baby. I couldn't think of anything else I could do to comfort myself. It was the most logical thing to say in that situation.  I'll admit it wasn't the most mature thing to say, but hey! I'm pretty sure you'd say stupid stuff too, if you were in my shoes!

"MOMMY!!!" I cried, then groaned as my head began to buzz. Even talking hurt. My words seemed to echo and pound their way back into my ear drums. Something was wrong with me. Not just mentally, for that matter. How did I get here? I tried to remember but my thoughts were so jumbled. ....Rhys! He...he was in trouble! We were on the boat and.... I sucked in my breath as I began to remember. Did Mac take me somewhere? Is Rhys here too? I had to get out of these bonds! Suddenly, there was another sound. It was far away from me but it still seemed to echo loudly in my ears. I tried to cover them with my hands, but the straps held fast to my arms. The noise grew louder. They....they were footsteps. And then the door opened. A man dressed in a long white coat came into the room. He came and stood near my right leg.

"Oh! So you're awake now," he said. His voice naturally was probably very low, but it sounded like a noisy drum in my ears.

"Let's take a look at that bite now," he said as he slipped on a pair of gloves. As he peeled off the bandage on my leg, I moaned in pain. It was a bite? But when did I--?

As if he had read my mind the man answered, "That snake got you pretty good. Wouldn't swim in that lake again if I were you."

I tried lifting my head up. I could just barely see the bite. It was swollen and had a ring of a blue-purplish color. My body shivered at the sight. I laid back down again. Finally I tried to speak. My words came out slow and painful. Each word seemed to take so much energy. ""

The man looked at me with a queer sad smile. "I'm afraid I can't tell you that, sweetie."

I looked at him quizzically. "W-why--?

"--Because it's classified information," a British voice interrupted me as a another man came sauntering into the room. His eyes were shielded behind his classy shades. Who was he? He wasn't Karl Myers. Karl Myers didn't have a British accent. Were there other people after Rhys? Judging by the way he was dressed, he looked like a model in a men's fashion magazine, not a government agent.

"So, Miss Lewis. I want to know where our little friend is," Raymond began.

"Our friend?" I asked sarcastically, then winced from the pain. The doctor had poured some ointment onto my leg that began to sting.

"Yes..."he continued. "Be a dear and tell us where he's headed." 

'Be a dear', huh? HA! My foot! 

 "What's the matter, Allie?" he snickered. "Snake got your tongue?" he laughed at his joke. It was a weird laugh, mixed with disgusting snorts.

A smile crept upon my face. 

"Ah...a smile, eh? So you think I'm funny. Well that's nice to know. Not that I don't already know I have a good sense of humor," He said with a prideful air, bending to sit in the seat next to my bed.

Despite my pain, I managed to play along with his "game". 

"Quite the contrary, my dear," I began in a mocking tone. "I was just thinking that you were cool before I heard you laugh. And as for your joke, well lets just say you should leave it to the pros."

The smile vanished from his face, and I relished the sight. His body grew stiff as he rose from the chair. 

"We have... our ways Miss Lewis, about finding things we want to know..."he stated flatly, getting back to the subject. "So if you're not feeling up to it right now, I'm sure we can find something that will help encourage your assistance..."

"Don't count on it," I declared with a quiet stubbornness.

"Oh? Well then, why don't we go and have a little visit with your parents?" he asked reaching into his jacket pocket. He pulled out a gun and cocked it. My breath caught in my throat. 

"If you dare touch them--" I started.

"--I might," he cut me off. "Or, we could just let you stay here and let that bite take its course. If...if we were to not treat it anymore, "he mused,"  you'd be gone in about ...oh...twenty four hours or so. It was a rather poisonous snake I'm afraid." He smiled maliciously, as he watched my reaction. 

Why was this happening?! Why do I have to choose between Rhys and my parents?! I couldn't do this! I almost started to cry, but I wouldn't let myself. Not in front of that man. I looked to the doctor for help. Sympathy was written all over his face. He tried to speak up, but the British man cut him off. There was no other way out of it. 

"May..." I began with awkward politeness, "May I have...time about it?"

His smile deepened. "I'll give you an hour." In a flash, he quickly yanked out the needle injected into my arm. I cried out in pain. Then grabbing the shaken doctor, he strode out of the room.  The slamming of the door banged loud in my ears. But I tried to ignore the pain. I had to get out of here--FAST! 


Dr. Mac Runnel stared at Raymond Parker uneasily. He didn't want to be dragged into this job in the first place, but now that girl's life was in danger. Raymond had used her parents as a threat, but he didn't even know where they lived--yet.

"Don't you dare go back in that room unless I say so," Raymond barked.

"Sir, if she doesn't get enough treatment she could die before the day is over. She's lost a lot of blood," he pleaded angrily.

"It doesn't matter," Parker replied. "If we can't get answers from her, we'll get them elsewhere. You're to follow my orders, do you understand?" 

The doctors jaw hardened as he replied the affirmative. Raymond began to walk away as he saw Mac Stevens approach. 

"Go back and get me her address, immediately!" he hollered as he made his way down the hall. 

The doctor's fist clenched into a ball. He couldn't take it anymore. He knew what he had to do.


My breath came in uneasy patterns. Panic began to overtake me. I was starting to not feel my right leg anymore. I tugged at my bonds but I was so weak. The heart monitor's monotone beep rang in my ears. Beads of sweat already began to form puddles upon my forehead. The light above me seemed to fry my body. I had to get out. My parents and Rhys were in danger because of me! Suddenly, the door began to open very quietly. It hadn't been an hour already, had it? I couldn't tell. The time seemed to drag on and my head ached badly. As the figure drew closer, I saw the kind face of the doctor. He looked worried and uneasy. He placed a hand to my forehead and his eyes nearly popped as he realized how warm it was. He looked around cautiously. By his body language, I could tell he was scared of something. He gently held my hand and whispered softly.

" I know this may be hard for you, but you must tell them where your friend is. Your health is in critical condition and your parents may be in danger as well. You must tell them!"

I tried to speak, but the pain was terrible. I shook my head slowly. He stared at me sorrowfully. 

"You must! You don't understand how serious this all is. Your friend isn't a normal person! He has an extraordinary ability," he persisted.

I stared at him wonderingly. 'Extraordinary ability'? Well... I guess the potion is extraordinary...

"He's dangerous," he went on, "If he were to unleash his full power he could harm many people."

"You...don't...know...him," I breathed.

"I'm afraid I don't need to. Look what has happened to you because of him."

I wouldn't waver. Rhys wasn't a bad person. He was my friend! The only one I had.....

The doctor sighed. He wanted to help me, I know, but I couldn't endanger Rhys. I couldn't. But, mom and dad.....

The throbbing pain in my head grew worse and I began to moan. The doctor quickly walked over to the sink. Turning on the water he grabbed a cloth and soaked it. He walked back over to me and gently placed it on my head. The coolness of the rag was so soothing and refreshing. I closed my eyes. 

"I can't help you, if you don't tell them what they want," the man said wearily. 

My eyes opened, which were now filled with tears. My parents or Rhys? This wasn't just a simple case of "eeny meeny miny mo". These were the last three precious people in my life!

"I wont....tell them...anything!"I said defiantly, between my hard breathing. "Rhys.... isn't trying to hurt anyone....he just made a potio--"and thats when I clamped my mouth shut, realizing I might have said too much.

The doctor looked at me curiously. "Potion? This isn't about a potion! Well, not exactly anyhow...."his voice trailed off.

I stared at him, completely confused. "Isn't....isn't that why..... all of you.... are after him?!"I asked angrily.

"So then he's been lying to you this whole time, hasn't he?" He asked quietly.


"Rhys Stengl, as I said earlier, is not your average teenager. He's a very dangerous person. His body is somehow strangely connected to the electromagnetic force."

Suddenly, a memory formed into my mind. While we were in the boat, something strange had happened. Electricity began to flow towards Mac Stevens and Rhys wasn't shocked about it.  At all. He wouldn't even give me eye contact. And even my bedroom! How could a potion possibly make a huge hole in our roof? Twice! And why was everyone calling him "Rhys Stengl"? And even his parents! Was their last name really Roscue? Or were they lying, too? But it couldn't be true! Rhys wouldn't lie to me! He wouldn't! 

"You must listen to me before its too late," The doctor was saying.

I didn't want to. I couldn't believe it. But deep down, my heart ached with betrayal. My physical pain couldn't even compare.

Rhys....who are you--really?


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