Character Bios


Rizon is 14 years old, part elf and part human, and an apprentice to the castle wizard. Before he became an apprentice to the wizard, he was brought up with an adopted family. He has a rudimentary knowledge of the sword and shield but is unreliable with any weapon. His mind often wanders to far-fetched schemes when his attention should be directed elsewhere. He had a fascination with history and altering current methods of doing things. Art is his passion, but is it a seemingly fruitless hobby?


Lizzie is a 3-foot tall, white, 16 year old mouse maiden. She's very gentle, shy, quiet, and has never touched a weapon in her life. She almost always has her nose in a book and is quite knowledgeable. She stays very close to home, due to her family's avoidance of the world (they've had some very bad experiences and are more than a little afraid), but longs to go out on an adventure. Due to her shyness, she has only one friend, a little blue sparrow.


Abigail is 17, and likes to cook and bake. Her father owns the village restaurant, where she works. She is the third child of four, and the only girl. Although she can't use a sword to save her life, she's very skilled with a small knife (close combat and throwing) and mediocre with a bow and arrow. She also loves horseback riding and is quite good. But she has a secret side: she's an expert at slight of hand and is a talented magician!

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