Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chapter 5

“Oh swell!” Abigail said the sarcasm thick in her voice. She looked at her companions; “Any ideas?” she asked hopefully

“Let me fly up and take a look!” Tallie suggested, she flew up quickly and gracefully.

“There are a few stones loose up here, I’m going to try and push them free” They heard a faint grunt which was followed the sound of stones falling against stone.

“How’s it going?” I asked

“I don’t think I can get enough loose to let us out!” said a disgruntled Tallie

“At least we’ll have more air circulating” Abigail said, trying to hide any sign of stress in her voice.

Tallie floated back down and landed in between Abigail and I.

There was a long pause, while we all thought of what might be done to get out of this predicament.

I looked around our surroundings, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. For the first time I noticed a long passage way, the other’s followed my gaze.

“I didn’t notice it being there before!” Tallie said

“Me either” I said.

Abigail stepped forward and examined it carefully.

“With the lack of dust here, I’d say that it was closed in and the earthquake must have reopened it.” She said

We looked at each other, seeming to read each other’s minds. Silently we picked up our things and cautiously began and trek down the dark unknown.



I wandered the forest, trying to clear my head and search for firewood.

How are we going to find the rogue wizards? What will we do even IF we find them? How can we free Wizard Martin? All these questions flooded my mind, seeming to drown me.

“What would Wizard Martin do if he were here?” I wondered aloud. I sat down on an old oak stump to think it over. Just as I did there was a sudden shift in the wind, almost undetectable, an instant later the earth shook so hard I thought it was going to come apart under me.

The first thing that came to my mind was: I’m too young to die! I waited for it to escape from my mouth, but I couldn’t make a sound!

Then as soon as it had started it was over. The forest was still and quiet……but the peace that had been there before was gone!

I slowly picked myself up off the ground and looked around, I didn’t notice anything or anyone out of the ordinary. This earthquake was definitely stronger than the last one; we must be getting closer to the source. WE! The girls! I darted back the way I had come, dodging trees and nearly tripping over a tree stump. I burst into the clearing…..nothing!

“Lizzie?! Tallie?! Abigail?!” I cried. I scanned the clearing for any sign of them, then; my eyes fell on where the opening of the cave had been.

OH NO! I ran to the cave “Girls!!! Are you in there? Are you alright?”

Never in my entire life had silence ever been so loud!


The tunnel was musty smelling and the occasional drip would land on us, but we kept going. We rounded the corner

“Ouch!” I exclaimed

“Are you alright?!” Tallie and Lizzie asked in unison

“I’m fine. Be careful, there’s a large rock or something there!” I laughed it off, trying to hide the pain in my voice. I felt my shin, it was wet. I held my hand closer to my eyes to see it better; it was red! I picked myself up and we continued; there was nothing to be done now anyway.

“Is it me or is it getting cooler in here?” Tallie asked

“I do feel a slight breeze coming from ahead!” I agreed

We subconsciously quickened our pace. It was getting lighter in here. We turned the next corner and were a few feet from an opening. The fresh air greeted us like an old friend!

Suddenly Lizzie exclaimed “RUN!” and she shoved us toward the exit.

We stumbled out of the exit a moment before an avalanche of stones closed off the opening.

As the dust and pebbles settled I looked over at Lizzie

“How did you know that was going to happen?” I asked

“I…I don’t know. I just sensed something was wrong, that was my first instinct.”

“Well…..Thank you! I doubt we’d have gotten out in time if it weren’t for you!” I smiled at herJ.

I looked back at the rocks, and let out a low whistle. That was WAY too close!

We walked back around towards where we thought our original camp might have been; it was growing quite dark by now. Half an hour later we entered the clearing. There sat Rizon, a warm fire crackling in the middle. I can honestly say it was the most welcoming sight I’d ever seen!

“It’s about time, any later a dinner would’ve been ruined” Rizon said, he almost managed to hide the sound of relief in his tone. Almost!

We lounged around the fire eating vegetable stew and exchanging our stories.

“Your leg” Rizon said

I looked down; my left pant leg was stained brown. I’d completely forgotten about it being cut.

I opened my pack and found a compress and bandage.

“At least I know how I got this cut. I’m usually bleeding and don’t know how it happened!” I laughed. Soon we were all joking and laughing.

Somewhere out in the darkness an evil force was planning something, but for the night it was enough to be laughing with friends around the fire!


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