Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who are they?

Let’s put it this way.   I have been pinching myself for the past day, except for the times which I had been tied-up, bound, or generally restrained.  I should be at a baseball game, eating hotdogs and cheering on the Angels.  But no, here I am in a house in the middle of...well my guess is Malibu, with two strangers, a girl, and Rhys.

My eyes sneak a glance of him.  The setting sun shone into his light sage eyes, bringing out the faintest tints of gold, and it glints off his dark wavy head.  A small smile is creeping across his face as he looks up at Tarra his “sister”.  Not that I don’t believe her.  I mean seriously, she is short, blonde, and brown-eyed.  They’re definitely related.  Please take that with a huge grain of sarcasm.  It’s not like I have no clue what’s going on with anything right now.

Dilyn is slumped on the couch with Dustin hovering over her.  Her long brown hair was billowed around her like a pillow.  Soft brown eyelashes fluttered ever so slightly as she seemed to waver between the state of wakefulness and dreams.  In another time and another place, she would have been astoundingly beautiful; but not now.  Her body was thin and gaunt.  Her skin was as thin as paper.  Dark hollows were etched across her face.  Scars, scabs, and open wounds spitting up blood ran across her body in every which way.

“So this is what they did to you?”  I murmured.  Rhys paused while chewing his sandwich and looked at the couch.  Sadness filled his eyes.

“Yeah, but that isn’t even that bad,” he stated, then returned to picking at his food.  I stared at him like he was a mad man, which he was of course because he could shoot lightning bolts and stuff.  I mean who does that stuff?  Oh wait...a descendent of that Peter dude.

Let’s put it this way.  I was still super confused, but then of course Tarra has to go and make it worse.

A broad smile was across my sister’s face as she slid back into a chair at the table.  Five pieces of paper lay in her hand.

“One of Dustin’s leads came through.” she said “A team of archeologists from the Smithsonian have uncovered the ruins of a castle in West Dunbartonshire that fits the time period.”  I looked at her with probably the blankest stare in the world.  Seriously, I had grown up as a literal lab rat, so I really only know science well.  However, it was a small comfort though to see the matching blank look on Allie’s face.

“Uhh...” I stammered “Where is that, might I ask?”  Tarra’s broad grin stretched out even wider.


In roughly two hours, I am thoroughly confused and already beginning to suffer jet lag.  Let’s get this straight.  No, I don’t have a passport; yes, I’m allowed on an international flight with two random adults.  That also goes for the two other teens with superpowers that the government really wants.  Everything makes perfect sense.

I glance over at Tarra and Dustin.  The first is thoroughly engrossed in a shiny copy of the Vogue.  The latter is staring out the window with a vacant expression.  Come to think of it, that’s really the only expression I’ve ever even seen him use.  There’s more to this than meets the eye.  Much more, if you ask me.

It feels like floating through the stars.  The city lights underneath sparkle so tantalizingly far away from me.  An airy feeling fills my chest, and I know a smile is across my face.  It’s a new feeling, but one I’m beginning to like.  It’s the option to dream, to aspire, and to think.  It’s called hope.

Maybe someday very soon, I won’t have to worry about this anymore.  Someday, only I can be the one to use my powers.  Dilyn’s head is leaned on my shoulder as she sleeps.  From only a few days in the lab, they already did much damage.  Someday soon, neither of us will have to worry about that anymore; we will be free.  My eyelids grow heavy; and soon, I to drift off to the land of dreams, the land where there definitely is hope.


I glanced down at my ticket stub.  We would be landing in Glasgow, Scotland, thousands of miles away from home.  And why?  To chase a stupid lead with people I barely even knew.

“But you know Rhys,” my mind whispered.  But the question was how well did I know him?  That boy was like an onion; there were layers that only appeared as other were torn away.  The cocky boy next door, the polite neighbor, the mysterious stranger, the misunderstood scientist, the best friend, and the hunted one…but who was he?  Were these each guises?  Or was this truly Rhys Stengal?

I glanced over.   Rhys and Dilyn were asleep on each other’s shoulders like baby birds asleep in the safety of their mother’s wings.  As I watched, I noticed something strange.  A soft, almost translucent glow emitted from where Rhys’s and Dilyn’s heads met.  Like water running down a stream, the light flowed out from that point.  It danced over Dilyn’s scars and sores, basking her in light.  She looked like an angel.  There was a tiny cut on Rhys’s forehead; but a small stream of light made its way there.  The web of light pulsated, then suddenly, with a flash, it was gone.

I had to blink for a second to get used to the darkened plane.  Then I had to blink again.  Dilyn had changed.  Every cut, scar, and scab was gone.  Her skin no longer resembled translucent paper; it was a perfect dark peach hue.  The only answer I had was the light.  I snuck a glance at Rhys’s forehead.  The small cut was gone.  I had to stifle a gasp from rushing out of my mouth.  As my mind raced, one thing was prominent in my thoughts.  Who are these people?


The warm smell of milk.  Strong hands tucking me into a car seat and patting me on the head. 

“Do you think he’ll understand?”  whispered one voice.  I bit my lip.

“He’ll have to.  It’s the only way.”

“We don’t know what will happen to him here!  This is madness!”  I snuggled deeper into the car seat.

“If this is the only way to save him, then I shall give him to the madness.  They are the only ones who still could protect him.”  A crash sounded from not that far away.  I felt the two figures that stood above me stiffen.

“They’re coming.”

My eyes flared open; I looked around wildly.  The sleeping forms of people.  The lights of an airplane. A heavy head on my shoulder.  I looked down.

“Dilyn,” I whispered.  Her brown eyelashes fluttered open, framing her ocean blue eyes.

“Rh-Rhys,” she stuttered as she looked around with a frightened expression.

“Hush.  We’re safe now.”

“Safe?”  she asked like a frightened child.  A smile crept across my face as I looked down at her.

“Yes.  We’re safe.”  A loud ding sounded across the plane.

“We shall now begin our descent to the Glasgow airport,” droned the pilot from his cockpit.  I felt Dilyn’s arm grasp mine.

“We can’t go there.  Scotland…no…” she moaned.  I looked at her, completely astounded.

“But to be able to gain full control of my powers—”  She put her fingers to my lips.

“Alex’s last words.  Beware the highland where two clans fought.  The winner lost, the loser won.  Now as the blood link leaves this world, none shall leave that place alive.”  I looked at her quizzically.  She bit her lip and shuddered. “Beware of Scotland.”


  1. GAHHH!! i LOVE IT!! lol Kaitlyn this is soo amazing!! :D This was soo worth the wait!! :) A spectacular Job! ;)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Kaitlyn!!! Amazing!!! I have no idea how I'm going to continue XD

  3. Hi Kaitlyn!
    Sorry I haven't replied before this.... I love it! I especially liked the part where Dylan and Rhys touched and their wounds were healed!!!! SO creative=D!